yves st. laurent: inspired by the masters.

Just watched the Yves St. Laurent documentary, adding another favorite to my list. He was such a prodigy. At twenty-one he took over the House of Dior. Twenty-one! He showed ten collections with Dior before his contract was terminated because of a “poor” show. Even though the looks from that show were copied for years. YSL created the first tuxedo for women and the first safari jacket. It is amazing that these remain such staples in the wardrobes of women today and are constantly re-imagined season after season. My favorite part of the documentary, were the commentated clips of his early collections, as well as those through the 1980s. I absolutely adore the Mondrian inspired sheath dresses and the Picasso’s guitars and Braque’s birds on dresses and capes. Looking through photos on the YSL Fondation website, there are also Matisse and Van Gogh inspired fashions. Really incredible. Yves cited Picasso as his favorite artist. I love seeing other artists inspired by other artists. And the way Yves did everything was so thought out and appropriate. He is a legend that is seriously missed.


Picasso/Braque Inspired

Mondrian Inspired

Mondrian Inspired




Van Gogh

Van Gogh


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