bananas TM.

I cannot believe that Rachel Zoe trademarked “bananas” and “I die.” I thought Christopher Sauve’s shirts were hilarious. But now, he has re=designed the shirt, which is still hilarious. And after a quick visit to his website, I must own the “Save Anna” painting. I DIE.

Christopher Suave- "Save Anna"

Christopher Sauve- "SAVE ANNA!"

Attention Roommates: I will be buying this print. Not that you will have to see it because I will hang it in my room, but I thought you should know.

Christoper Suave- "SAVE ANNA!"

Christopher Sauve- "SAVE ANNA!"

UPDATE: So I enquired about the “SAVE ANNA!” print, and unfortunately it runs about the same as the EuroPass I need for this summer. So sad. Time to teach myself how to screen print.

One Response to “bananas TM.”
  1. greentogrey says:


    i think it should be in the living room by my warhol. they kind of look alike šŸ™‚

    and i want the “bananas” tee soooo bad!

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