charlotte russe.

kai: do you ever get to that point where you think about charlotte russe and…

moi: i have never thought about charlotte russe…

kai: no, you know you think about it and you think well it makes sense, they have a demographic.

moi: no, i have still never thought about charlotte russe.

6 Responses to “charlotte russe.”
  1. unvollendete says:

    somebody has to sell corsets for the baby prostitutes.

  2. greentogrey says:

    i once bought jeans at charlote russe and they were my favorite.*

    *this was a long time ago.

  3. alexandraandthecity says:

    moi: i would want to get a corset to meet bret michaels, where do you get a corset?

    danielle: charlotte russe.

  4. unvollendete says:

    so they have a demographic. truth.

  5. greentogrey says:

    that or wet seal.

  6. i prefer DEB for all my slutty/white trash clothing needs.

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