oh g.g., you are so predictable.

  • EXTREMELY upset that Gossip Girl was a repeat. Minus 1,000,000
  • In my anger, I decided to shop online and stumbled across the additional 30% off sale at J.Crew Online. Plus 1,000,000

Now that things are even, I must say that I really was looking forward to a new episode. I had predicted that Dan would go to Brazil with Rachel and Blair would expose it and then she would get back into Yale. Which basically is what appears to be happening next episode.

What I do not understand from the previews is the fact that all of the sudden Gossip Girl is a problem. HELLO. First season, remember when GG seemed to know everything about who had the key to the pool. And how about the gossip on Nate’s dad? Why wasn’t GG investigated when it was used for hazing and the bullying of students. Why now are the Constance teachers and parents SO concerned. I know, its a television show.  But come on people, is this really important? Can we get back to Blair and Chuck and revisiting the Victor/Victrola episode?


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