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I always liked Legally Blonde. You know, for that “hey that girl likes fashion and can be lawyer” aspect.

Now, I hate Legally Blonde.

I have chosen to fill one of my journalism school requirements by taking Mass Communication Law. Why? Probably because I thought I would meet a future lawyer and get to play Atonement at the law library. Big mistake. 

I understand one out of every hundred words in my book. Most words are Latin. Words that are not Latin refer to words that are Latin. Judges lead fascinating lives by writing ridiculous hard to understand views on cases. The language of the cases may as well be in Chinese. Oh wait, it already is in Latin.

I am not stupid. I was in Junior Great Books. I know I have a high reading level. This class however makes me feel like I am only capable of reading Garfield

I now know that I cannot marry a lawyer. Men are hard enough to understand as it is, how the hell am I supposed to understand someone that understands all this? Biggest issue with this being, as I told Heather, I have to stop walking past Brooks Brothers downtown. I walk past and immediately fantasize about my being married to a lawyer wearing a beautiful suit and me being a WASP-y wife on the UES in those beautiful gray flannel pants and crisp white shirt with giant pearl earrings and a diamond that weighs more than my first born. It is borderline pornographic.

Damn you Brooks Brothers and damn you Latin!

2 Responses to “marc jacobs : life :: mass communication law : death”
  1. greentogrey says:

    damn you for distracting me with your funny post!

  2. unvollendete says:

    i, too, was in junior great books.

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