helen thomas. the most entertaining person in media.

I was just watching todays White House press briefing- good work Mr. Gibbs- and I am so thoroughly entertained by Helen Thomas. I was in the press room this summer and love that Helen Thomas is the only person with a permanent seat. Every other seat is just labeled “Time” or “New York Post” but she gets “Helen Thomas.” 

I knew she had been covering presidential politics for ages but I had not realized it was since the KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION. Which is really phenomenal, especially as a woman journalist beginning in the late 1950s. 

She asks such blunt and almost unrefined questions at times, yet they still give her respect and answer her with a great amount of patience.

What I loved most about Helen today was her wardrobe choice. Every other person in that briefing room was in a suit. Helen Thomas was in a fur coat and wearing a bright red scarf. You go, girl.



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