anna on michelle.

It wasn’t just that [Michelle’s] choices projected a simpler, streamlined, more modern attitude, rejecting the ridiculous idea that the only way for a First Lady to dress is in the dreaded White House standard-issue uniform—the boxy, anonymous suit that always managed to look as appealing, and as comfortable, as armor. Instead, we have a woman who is as happy in newer, less obvious designer choices like Wu and Toledo (both, incidentally, Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund finalists, which made my heart swell that little bit more with pride) as she is in J.Crew and the Gap. It’s inspiring to see our First Lady so serene and secure in her personal style. – Anna Wintour, on Michelle Obama

I am on a total inauguration high. Apologies.

Also, rumors of Michelle on March Vogue cover makes me v. happy.

One Response to “anna on michelle.”
  1. greentogrey says:

    don’t apologize 🙂

    i read this earlier today too. lovely. now let me see what you wrote for your internship!!

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