happy inauguration day!

1.20.09 – it is a beautiful and new day for us all. i am so excited about this and it is crazy to see all the hard work coming to an end. [even though there is a lot of hard work left for PRESIDENT OBAMA]

also, i am very excited to see what michelle will wear at the ball. she already looked fabulous arriving at the white house to meet the bush family. 

my eyes will be glued to msnbc ALL day. with quick looks at the cut and wwd for all things presidential fashion.

update: rolf that george h.w. bush and mrs. bush are wearing matching purple scarves. and h.w’s is like barney the dinosaur purple.

nymag reports that michelle obama is wearing isabel toledo. it is classic and sophisticated. so perfect. very jackie o. 

hilary wearing obnoxious blue coat with matchy-matchy blue scarf. underneath…a blue pant suit? we can only hope.

update: aretha franklin is wearing a ridiculous bow on her head. i know she is a legend and all, but its a little too gossip girl even for me. 

he got a little nervy during his swearing in. so cute.

i keep hoping they will pan the crowd and i will see adam hennings.

loving h.w.’s giant fur hat.

President Barack H. Obama. It’s a beautiful thing.

One Response to “happy inauguration day!”
  1. greentogrey says:

    i can’t wait to see the dress either! USA today has an article about the hype around what she’ll wear–lol. what a great day! although i must say hilary’s blue coat is a great color for blondes! let’s hope there’s no pantsuit though. and how about jill biden? bobcat?

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