live blogging: gossip girl.

allison and i thought it would be hilarious to live blog an episode of gossip girl. so here it goes. [yes, i know, we are ridiculous]

7:01- chuck’s uncle asking blair out…hot or not? just as sleazy as chuck at his worst it seems. chuck does look awfully cute in his trench coat. and finally nate has reappeared on the show. jenny still looks really disgusting in her own version of the constance uniform. and its been confirmed: a moody depressed chuck makes for an uber sexy chuck.

7:04- a letter from mr. bass…and chuck is not going to read it?! ROFL “why do you wear so much purple? “

blair would read the letter aloud. and chuck would inherit the world. AND GIVE IT TO UNCLE BASS?!?

why are there only 3 openly gay guys at the school? eric and the two guys he has dated. wouldn’t blair have adopted a gbf by now?

and why is lily still lying to serena?



commercial break.

7:13- chuck comes to his senses. and his uncle confesses to almost sleeping with a thai transgender? holla.

uncle bass wants the money [and blair]…this means war.

ROFL blair kicking dans lunch and books. SO elementary. and SO blair. 

7:16- a 16-year-old humphrey-van der woodsen boy. cannot wait.

matching plaid jackets, always required. [plaid pajamas…allison…]

omgz nellie yuki taking dans phone? because she happens to also be shopping for candy? well that makes sense…

7:19- uncle bass would get some hookers to celebrate. why must he ruin the best part of this show-blair & chuck.

7:22- holy $h!t did blair borrow one of serena’s nighties to wear to dinner with chuck. this is so reminiscent of all the times she got all dolled up for nate and failed to seal the deal. 

commercial break

 7:26- back. rufus and lily denied. blair throwing a big brunch for chuck…which is bound to backfire.

i like that queen b has to okay what goes out on gossip girl.

like jenny is seriously going to be upset she cant be the third wheel? THERE ARE GOING TO BE GIRLS IN THEIR BATHING SUITS. mean girls part deux.

7:32- that was one icy gg posting. with appropriate mood music to follow.

great chuck. just great. epic fail.

commercial break

7:36- serenas boobs are less obnoxious than in past episodes. so that is good.

“stop trying to play the wife.” ZING.

OH SHIT. lily is still in love with rufus. not big surprise. but now serena and dan are really dunzo. so now the show can focus more on chuck and blair.

commercial break- I love the say no to drug PSAs that get played after we see chuck do drugs during an episode. way to make up for it CW.

7:44- oh god. rufus has a gross tattoo. and i cant even imagine what is going to happen now that will keep them apart again.

uncle bass is an a-hole. but kind of hot…mmm if you want it to be good girl, get your self a …bass boy.

7:49-“it reeks of gin and chanel no.5”

okay, you cannot seriously still want to sleep with your “half brother.” seth mozakowski. this episode is so reminiscent of mean girls.

nate and dan h2h. aww. silly nate, dan has no friends, let alone real friends. he just has vanessa.

andrew humphrey-van der woodsen would have died. LAME. I wanted a hot step brother.

7:51- YESSSSS. chuck showing up with flowers and apologizing!! please sleep together now. how can b resist the trench? say the words chuck. say them. SAY THEM.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! throwing the flowers back?! what does this mean?!

7:55- show girls? seriously? jessie spano? so excited?

what does this mean for us? it means gross our parents have as much sex as we do.

YES for the clueless reference.

7:57- i totally knew the kid was still alive!!! especially after the really lame story. OH MAN.


next week: BORING.


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