i don’t think i have actually ever made any resolutions. so this could be interesting…

  • save more money. also known as “shopping less.” but we all know this wont happen so, scratch that.
  • learn conversational french in time for paris trip. 6 months.
  • eat healthier & work out. everyone has this on their list. i am going to try really hard to do it. but first i better see if i still own work out clothes and tennis shoes… see, this is why shopping less is not going to work. i am going to have to buy a ton of stuff just to start working on these resolutions.
  • buy more newspapers. my future is on the line.
  • finish the books i started reading this summer and stopped reading when school started.
  • sell something to someone on
  • use less profanity.
  • work on my resume. intern my life away. prepare for adult life.
  • deans list.
  • keep my room clean. sorry dani : )
  • take advantage of $3 margarita mondays @ barrio.
  • remove myself from the saks and blue fly mail lists. too dangerous.
  • travel more. wink wink.
  • write letters.
  • learn to use my espresso maker and spend less on corporate coffee.
  • stop giving out my phone number to people i am not interested in.

cheers to 2009!


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