happy 2009!

happy new year!

hope every had a fabulous night, i know that i did! eventually i am going to write some resolutions for the year and actually stick to them. but until then, i will tell you about the dream i had last night that i pray foreshadows the year to come….

well thakoon went to the uofm and we became friends. [note: in my dream thakoon was a swedish girl, but not important]. anyway. i was like some obsessive thakoon fan [which really i am not]. but anyway, i paid him/her $40 to make me a dress for my birthday and it was like amazing. 

so i hope that this means i am going to befriend some designers [maybe while in paris?] and they are going to make me loads of clothes for $40. 

i have the worlds strangest dreams when it comes to fashion.


2 Responses to “happy 2009!”
  1. just heather says:

    a swedish girl. ROFL

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