top 10 best dressed of 2008

because i am not cool enough to make a top 10 albums of the year list or really because i don’t think i could even name 10 albums in 2008, i have decided to make a top 10 list that is meaningful for me (& maybe you if you are reading this). so, i present to you, my faithful blog readers:

alexandra’s top 10 best dressed of 2008.

(mind you, these are really in no particular order because i find it to be quite impossible to actually find the best dressed person. i leave that to the professionals at vogue and vanity fair.)

Agness Deyn, Model and Style Maverick

agness deyn featured in new york look. photo by christopher anderson

agness deyn featured in new york look. photo by christopher anderson.

deyn at the plumm, july 2008. getty photo.

deyn at the plumm. july 2008. getty photo.

deyn at cfda/vogue fashion fund. nov 2008. getty photo.

deyn at the cfda/vogue fashion fund event. nov 2008. getty photo.


Deyn pulls of everything she wears (and doesn’t wear for that matter) amazingly. She is so original and unique and no one else could dress like her and get away with it. And when she isn’t dressing herself, she is being dressed in head-to-toe designer and walking the most fabulous of runways. I completely admire the way that she has found and developed her style. Not to mention, she rocks that hair in a way I could never in a million years. 

Michelle Obama, The Next Jackie O.

michelle obama. june 2008 st.paul minn. getty photo.

michelle obama. june 2008 st.paul minn. getty photo.


January 20, 2009 will not only go down in history because will be inaugurating the first African-American president, but we will also finally have a stylish and classic woman back in the White House. Obama is stunning. And while she may be criticized for her dress on occasion, I think she is refreshing. And fabulous. I can already promise she will top the 2009 best dressed lists post-inauguration. She is going to look amazing. I picked this outfit because I am a belt fanatic. And because I was at this rally, and shook her hand, as well as her husbands, that night. Best night ever.

Barack Obama, Our Next President

barack obama in pennsylvania. AP photo.

barack obama in pennsylvania. AP photo.


I cannot include Michelle Obama without also acknowledging President-Elect Obama. He always looks polished (and like a total babe) in those suits. And you have to love when he rolls up his shirt sleeves and gets down to business. And when he likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain…


The Cast of Gossip Girl*, The Best Dressed Fake High-Schoolers on Prime Time Television

*With Honorable Mention to Leighton Meester (Blair) and Ed Westwick (Chuck)

cast of the cw's gossip girl. photo courtesy tv guide.

cast of the cw's gossip girl. photo courtesy tv guide.

blair waldorf.

leighton meester (blair waldorf) with constant companion, the headband.

ed westwick on set in sequin tuxedo.

ed westwick (chuck bass) on set in sequin tuxedo.


I obviously had to include the cast of the greatest show on the planet. I watch the show for the clothes as much as I do to find out what will happen next with Chuck and Blair. They make me want to pretend I go to a private school on the UES just so I can wear a plaid mini-skirt to my lectures. (Which I do, every Monday, in honor of Gossip Girl). If I had the income of these fictional characters, I would I hope I would invest in similar wardrobe pieces. The only exception to this being Jenny Humphrey when she looks homeless and disgusting and Serena when she looks like a prostitute. Honorable mention to Blair Waldorf for her collection of headbands. Honorable mention to Chuck Bass for the sequin tuxedo. 

Carla Bruni, France’s Jackie O.

carla bruni and nicolas sarkozy arrive in britain. march 2008. solarpix/pr photos.

carla bruni and nicolas sarkozy arrive in britain. march 2008. solarpix/pr photos.


France’s fashionable first lady, Carla Bruni, makes headlines constantly for what she wears. She makes my list for channeling Jackie on a trip to Britain in March.  I look forward to Carla and Michelle hanging out together. They will be a fashion force to be reckoned with.


Patricia Field for Sarah Jessica Parker & Sex and the City: The Movie Cast, The Greatest Costume Director on the Planet

sex and the city. photo courtesy instyle. this green dress with the studded belt was on of my favorites in the movie.

sex and the city movie. courtesy instyle.


satc. courtesy instyle. i loved the fashion wardrobe.

satc. courtesy instyle. i loved the fashion wardrobe.

field channeling some gossip girl in the outfit for SJP? photo instyle.

field channeling some gossip girl in the outfit for SJP? courtesy instyle.

I cannot leave this one out:

satc. courtesy instyle. vivienne westwood wedding dress.

satc movie. courtesy instyle. vivienne westwood wedding dress.


SJP makes a best dressed list every year, and I was planning on making her a solo spot on mine, but I changed my mind. Patricia Field has done the costume work for the Sex and the City Series as well as the movie. So yes, SJP and the girls looked beyond on the movie, but credit is due to the woman the finds those outfits and puts them together- Patricia Field. She is pure genius. It was hard to pick out my favorite fashions from the movie, so I apologize for the amount of images. Field is really wonderful. And her store in New York is crazy- you must check it out when you are there.


Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Kaiser

karl lagerfeld backstage fall 2008.

karl lagerfeld backstage fall 2008 show.


Lagerfeld is truly a classic and a genius. It is kind of funny to have him on a best dressed list because he ALWAYS looks the same. Still, I cannot get enough. I recommend reading “The Beautiful Fall: Fashion, Genius and Glorious Excess in 1970s Paris” by Alicia Drake. I am in the middle of it currently, but I love it. It is all about how Yves St. Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld  began designing. 


Carine Roitfeld & Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, Mother-Daughter Fashion Force

carine roitfeld and julia restoin-roitfeld. cannes 2008.

carnie roitfeld and julia restoin-roitfeld. cannes 2008.


I suppose I would be incredibly well-dressed if my mother was the editor of French Vogue. My mother would also be incredibly well-dressed (no offense, Mom). It is not surprising that the duo is so fashion forward and it is interesting to see their different styles come together. This is Carnie and Julia at Cannes in May 2008. Carine is wearing Lanvin  from Spring 2008 and Julia is in a mystery dress. 


The Plastics, Best Friends and Best Dressed

photo courtesy alexandra heide.

photo courtesy alexandra heide.


I decided to include my lovely friends on my best dressed list as well. I guess I also included myself in this photo, but you can ignore that. This photo is from our Olympic Medal Ceremony in August of 2008. From L to R: Allison wears Old Navy black eyelet dress and vintage belt, Heather wears Forever 21 black and white print dress, Moi in dress by Voom available at Patricia Field with purple BR tights, and Alexandra in Target jersey puff sleeve dress, BR croc embossed belt and purple tights. I love you all and the fashion addictions we share (although yours may not be as severe as mine).

So there you have it. My best dressed list for 2008. I probably could have gone over 10, but you are probably exhausted reading all of this. And shout out to Gary Slam- this is my fantasy football. 

Speaking of fantasy football. I am joining Fashion Fantasy League which actually is the fashion addicts version of fantasy football. Let me know if you want to be in my league. There will be a draft party with martinis.



3 Responses to “top 10 best dressed of 2008”
  1. futuresightings says:

    thoroughly enjoyed this list, especially blair waldorf’s headband style.

    ps is the dress i’m wearing really from old navy? love that dress, thank you alex.

  2. greentogrey says:

    definitely one of my favorite posts (love that you cited my picture too even though the tv/timer combo took it! haha!)

    maybe we are fashion olympians?

    anyways, i am so in for your fashion fantasy football league. let the games begin.

  3. just heather says:

    we need to take more foursome pictures. this is one of the few.

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