tory burch is ruining my life.

today i made a huge mistake. twice. 

i finally caved and tried on the croc embossed tory burch ‘leigh’ ankle boots at neiman marcus. i have been watching them like a hawk since we used them on one of the tclf fashion shoots. they are just so fun. and i lust them. so i tried them on. no shoe in the history of shoes has fit my foot so wonderfully. and so comfortably. i brought along two trusted companions for my try-on sessions. my wonderful co-worker alissa agreed that they were wonderful and something that i should own. 

….then i got my paycheck. enough for the shoes. AGONY. my mother’s voice kept ringing in my ears “you are going to paris you cannot spend $264 on some silly shoes” and i said back to her, “but mother can you imagine how great these shoes will look on my feet in paris?”

so then i took lauren, for my second try-on. another trusted co-worker and fashion fanatic. she agreed. i must own the shoes. and i must wear them in paris. even the lovely man that works the neiman shoe parlor said that they were perfect and that i should act fast because they [neiman has at least 3 pairs and is willing to track them down for me at another store when the time comes that i have no self control and make the purchase] would be gone after christmas. he was a wonderful salesman.  

[lauren and i were looking at some louboutins on our way out and she is completely obsessed and the magical salesman approached us. and told us his favorite and what he thought to be mr.louboutin’s best designs. and i said “someday lauren, someday” and he said, as if he were god [which he is of the shoe parlor] “yes you will be, and we will be here waiting for you”]

but i have bills to pay. so i could not buy my beloved size 8.5’s. and i will have to resist the temptation to try them on again multiple times tomorrow when i am downtown. even though i will check and do another tally. 

you have to invest in what you love though, right?


i pray for a birthday miracle.

One Response to “tory burch is ruining my life.”
  1. lissyjon says:

    ah…I love your blog. and I’m glad I was featured in such an important post.
    p.s. I still have my contribution to your shoe fund in my wallet…but since I have not seen you since your birthday I was not able to give it to you yet. where are you?! and why have I not seen you in forever.

    and yes…let’s combine our thinking powers and make a fabulous birthday miracle website!

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