a christmas with karl.

as many of you may know, or may not know… i completely adore the fashion genius that is karl lagerfeld. i am a ridiculous fan of the classic chanel and i think mr. lagerfeld has done a wonderful job keeping coco’s aesthetic at the center of the brand. plus he is beyond fabulous and over the top. he not only thinks about the fashion design, but puts so much thought into the presentation- its really incredible. i would die to see the paris show. 

but while i am stuck here in the cold and awful minneapolis in december, i needed something to cheer me up. keep me sane during finals. make christmas a little brighter and keep paris on my mind. my friends and fellow lagerfeld devotees…i give you….


the angel on my christmas tree, karl lagerfeld.

the angel on my christmas tree, karl lagerfeld.


made by the brilliant mullish muse of etsy.com fame. she also does a john galliano and vivienne westwood. i am crossing my fingers for a marc jacobs, michael kors and isaac mizrahi [to complete my fabulous fashion four]. anyway, i saw this karl on nymag [surprise!] and just about died. he is absolutely hilarious. i love his suit and sunnies and the pony tail. genius. 

my roommates think i am completely ridiculous, and i probably am, but i could not pass this up. you have to invest in what you love. 





and investing in this gem was a little easier than getting my hands on one of these…


  karl designed these teddy bears exclusively to be available at neiman marcus this holiday, for only $1,500. oh karl, so extravagant.





also, to continue my obsession. i all recommend you netflix “lagerfeld confidential” this holiday. and check out his new chanel silent film (chanel silent film courtesy of fashionologie.com ) and get excited about audrey tautou playing chanel in the 2009 release of coco avant chanel [karl does costumes!]



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