a city with no sample sales.

everyone tells me that if i end up in new york, it will be the end of me because i will spend all my money shopping. right, because i will have so much money. but anyways, i have discovered the trick to retail in new york…the sample sale.

those words make my heart skip beats. sure, here in the mpls we get a trunk show in the oval room and at neiman every once in a while…and the thymes has that huge warehouse sale twice every year (note: BEST sale ever. take advantage). but our city does not have a sample sale in sight. probably because we have little to no fashion credibility. and because we are home to no flagship stores, or a substantial number of designer boutiques.

but new york on the other hand, is the land of sample sales. designer clothes for 40-90 percent off. currently the dvf sample sale is going on. i guess its complete insanity. but who wouldn’t be going insane if they were getting diane dresses for $100. a few weeks ago, alexander wang- which went incredibly fast due to his cfda status. every week, huge huge huge names with huge huge huge sample sales.

i long for a sample sale.

i think one of the best parts of my favorite book series- confessions of a shopaholic- is when they meet up to discuss the private chanel sample sale. one girl paid a ridiculous amount of money to a girl in pr to get a floor map of the sale so they could find the exact quilted bags they wanted and get out of there fast. genius.

i will be the girl buying floor maps. i would like to be in new york, at the dvf sample sale and not studying for finals.

racked.com: dvf sample sale live blogging

i love that someone live blogged the sample sale.

AND if i were in nyc right now, i would be taking serious advantage of this:

the cut: yves saint laurent vintage sale

there is nothing better than vintage ysl and proceeds going to charity.

2 Responses to “a city with no sample sales.”
  1. Yes sample sales would likely be the financial end of me, too. I can’t help but wonder where you live-? I think that we have the occasional sample sales in Toronto but they’re not the big-name designers like in New York. Ah shucks, I guess I’m going to NYC in the new year, too. See you there!
    -Johanne at http://www.fashioninmotion.wordpress.com

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