in protest of studying/final projects…


…which i should really be not protesting at this moment, but i am mentally exhausted. girl can only read and write so much about m.j. in one day. [even though the new stephen sprouse photo was good motivation]. its one of those papers where i will work really hard on it for a few solid days and then have to stop looking at it because i’ve thought about it too much. in a day or two i will be able to finish it i am sure. in the mean time i have three other jour projects to keep me occupied. until then….

i am currently frustrated at the lack of diverse media publications available in the minneapolis area. i cannot track down the massive dec/jan paris vogue for the life of me. i have resorted to forcing my sister to ask her friends living in france to send me a copy and have also requested a copy from my friend living on the east coast. which leads to the fact that i cannot order new york look spring 09 yet online, but if i was living in new york, i could walk outside and get it. and i wouldn’t freeze to death in the process. 


new york look

new york look


paris vogue

paris vogue

i survived black friday/saturday. people seemed to be shopping. figures a recession would still be declared. lets all hope for the best. and lets also hope that the dollar and the euro become better friends by the time allie and i jet set.

looking forward to the semester ending and it being the holidays. kind of excited to spend more than one night at home for once. we are hosting christmas eve so that will be fun. christmas day at my house also. and currently it is only one month and 8 days until i hit 21. cannot wait!

waiting to hear if i will get into magazine class for next semester, would be great opportunity to get in a semester early. but it also means 15 hours per week at a new magazine, still interning at tclf and working at br. i guess thats why they say junior year is the worst…a lot going on. i like to be busy though, since obama things are done i feel like i have all of this extra time. also, the busier i am the faster things seem to go by. which mean…graduation right around the corner and then au revoir minneapolis, bonjour manhattan [x fingers] i know thats what every girl who wants to write at a magazine and has an affinity for fashion says she is going to do. but its true. i know what i want to do and i am going to do it. and sadly its not going to happen for me in minneapolis. you are only young once, life the live you have imagined.

i think the studying has been put off long enough now.



p.s. sent instant message to my mother, who probably has never instant messaged before and takes 30 minutes to send a text….

me: hello there

mom: Hi Honey- whaz up!

me: gross mom. how was the hills tonight? [she is a closet fanatic]

mom:I was printing my meeting minutes for the all night party meeting tomorrow night – and I need to pick out my outfits for my shopping trip. But I wasted half the night watching my BFF’s on the Hills!

me: you are a riot.

mom: Spencer was as creeepy as ever and Audrina is a moron. Lauren and Brody need to hook up.

i love my mother.

One Response to “in protest of studying/final projects…”
  1. futuresightings says:

    i really enjoyed this post. i loved this: “i know what i want to do and i am going to do it.” and i know you can do it. love you 🙂

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