getting that passport ready.

pietro came over tonight and made a wonderful dinner and tiramisu for anne, alex and i [christa joined for dessert]. it just made me excited to eat like that errday in italia. he also told me a million things i have to eat and drink while i am there, so i would like to leave tomorrow. wine&chocolate&tiramisu&lasagna&milan fashion…here.i.come.

pietro also informed me that his cousin started his own fashion magazine in italy, so now i have a back up job for when everyone stops reading magazines here in the united states. what a rough life it would be to work at a fashion magazine and have to live in italy.

speaking of traveling, i was reading one of my random “coffee table” books before dinner with anne and came across this section. which is only hilarious because of how we [you know who you are] define “traveling”…so enjoy my little voyagers!

[courtesy of daily candy a to z: the insiders guide to a sweet life]

scary-on n. an item that’s clearly too big to fit into a plane’s overhead compartment, whose owner insists on carrying it on, anyway.

frequent liar n. someone who boasts incessantly about traveling to places he/she has never been.

business ass n. the dude who shows up at the airport in his best suit thinking it will help him get an upgrade.

they also give a fabulous definition of jet-setting which i think perfectly describes allison and i’s plans:

jet-setting v. 1. archaic: the activities of an international social set made up of those who travel from one fashionable place to another (jackie o. and ari, the consummate jet-setters used to party it up in Capri in the late 60s) 2. being swank in a location that is not one’s primary residence 3. traveling, taking off, getting away from it all- on a grand scale.

in other news, there was no g.g. tonight so i am pretty bummed. i was dying to see how serena was going to recover from that disgusting thanksgiving day ensemble. 

i got my 21st birthday dress.

i was super attracted to justin bobby on the hills tonight–weird. 


...yet so forgivable.

...yet so forgivable.


2 Responses to “getting that passport ready.”
  1. futuresightings says:

    think i’m about ready to jet-set, in every way. mykonos, holla!

  2. futuresightings says:

    p.s. justin bobby.. gmo. i don’t even watch the hills and i know that is unacceptable.

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