bad news. good news?

Conde Nast Cuts Jobs [WWD]

cutting internet jobs and jobs across the country by 5 percent. my future looks bright.

and then….

The Cut: Anna Wintour Retiring?

no.way. but i would be more than willing to fill her position [in say 5 years]


in reality, it is scary to think that the only place i have ever dreamed of working [conde nast publications] is cutting jobs left and right. three editors were let go from lucky magazine this week.

i know that graduation is still a year and a half today, and lets pray that by that time the economy will have turned around and that the media industry will be a float.

i feel like my chances of finding a job in the big apple are going to be even more difficult just because of my background. there is so little opportunity in minneapolis if you want to be in the magazine industry, let alone work with a publication that has a fashion/arts/culture focus. i have a great internship that i know will stand out when i do move to new york. but when i see all the internship opportunities for students in new york- every week it seems that harpers bazaar is looking for a new style intern- its a bit disheartening. …yet its a little late to change my major to something more secure that i know i would hate. i guess its better to work hard and eventually do something that you will love then to hate your job after investing so much time and money.

and i have no idea how to live off of $38,000 in new york city.


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