madison vacation.

just got back from a weekend in madison visiting friends. i miss it so much sometimes, and i miss the most random things. even though i don’t do the whole game day thing, i miss watching all the people in skinned badger hats and laughing. i also totally miss the food @ the dining hall. so strange, but it was so good. emily and i walked there saturday night and it was like i had just been there the day before with her.good times freshman year.

emily and i enjoyed a pitcher of margaritas at our favorite state street venue, fridas. i miss her so much and i just love talking to her about everything. we just have the best conversations. and the best time together. even when we are a little o.c.

i also totally missed the urban there. for some reason, it completely surpasses all other u.o.’s ever. i don’t know why, but its wonderful. it was one of those trips where i just wanted to buy a ton of the random things. i know allison can appreciate the burning desire to buy a ton of funny crap.

i also missed the coasties, as always. and of course, they were out in full force on state street. there is more lycra walking down state street on a regular basis than…i don’t even know what. and the ugg boots. those glorious ugg boots. 

and whats a trip without some traveling? hey?

it was a good time. good people. good drinks. cannot wait to go back.


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