paris, je t’aime.

in may, i will go to paris with allison to study art history. after that we plan on traveling to italy, spain and greece.

it is going to be such a perfect way to start summer/senior year of college. i am beyond excited. i don’t think i will ever want to leave. i can say this because 99.9% of the time i never want to leave fabulous cities [paris]. i am so excited for the art, the fashion, the culture, the wine. all of it. packing will be a complete and total nightmare. i struggle with packing for a two day trip to madison, wisconsin. warning: stay away may 17-20. i will be in complete shambles. 

in preparations for paris, i have rented lagerfeld confidential, marc jacobs & louis vuitton and a documentary on yves st. laurent. these will only come in handy as i carefully study where karl and marc live and design in paris so that i can linger on their side walks and accidently bump into them. i would be forever delirious if i ran into mr.lagerfeld while in paris. 

i also watched unzipped about a million times this last month, and decided that i also hope to stop in a cafe and see isaac mizrahi, andre leon talley and john galliano at a table gossiping together.

allison might hate traveling with me in the fashion capital of the world. sorry in advance allie.

as excited as i am about becoming best friends with karl and marc, i cannot wait to step foot inside the louvre. in all of my young adult life i do not think there is anything i have wanted more [besides obama as president, check]. i cannot wait to be surrounded by the greatest art in the world. and not even just at the louvre, i am dying to go to the orsay, and the picasso museum in spain. and to see all the renissance art in italia. art history has created a monster in me.

and i was just looking at photos of the greek islands, cannot wait to sit on a beach in greece surrounded by all the kostos’ of the world.

there is going to be a LOT of traveling on this trip.

cannot wait for christmas break to start seriously planning everything. and working to save the thousands of dollars i will be spending. [most of it going towards my overweight suitcases and extra carry-ons, i am sure].


One Response to “paris, je t’aime.”
  1. futuresightings says:

    just wish u wanted 2 b BFFs with me. can’t wait to find kostos in the greek isles. xoxo.

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